"Crayton Rowe's Treating the Basic Self enriches the psychotherapist by providing a clear and fully encompassing summary of Heinz Kohut's pioneering contribution."
- Ernest S. Wolf, M.D.
"...a blockbuster entry...that will surely wake up clinicians who are interested in self psychology."
- Arnold Goldberg, M.D.

Self Psychology Psychoanalysis

Welcome to the Self Psychology Psychoanalysis website, sponsored by The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. It is committed to the study and advancement of the work of Heinz Kohut, the founder of self psychology, whose work has opened the door to endless discoveries of the mental life of patients.

Kohut's concepts were born out of psychoanalytic treatment, and he was clear that the central focus of self psychology was its attention to the development and analysis of the transferences:

"Self psychology does not advocate a change in the essence of analytic technique. The transferences are allowed to unfold and their analysis - the understanding of the transference reactions, their explanation in dynamic and genetic terms - occupies, now as before, the center of the analyst's attention"
("How Does Analysis Cure", 1984, p. 208).

This web site will act as a forum for those who are interested in the study of Kohut's work. Papers will be presented by guest authors in the Papers section. Relevant questions and comments will be welcomed and published.

The web site will also act as an educational membership listing so that participants may identify themselves as those interested in Kohut's contributions.