Self Psychology Psychoanalysis

Heinz Kohut - An Introduction

Perhaps no one since Freud has jogged the collective sensibility of the psychoanalytic community more than Heinz Kohut. Since his celebrated works were introduced, there has been an outpouring of scholarly literature explaining and elaborating on his theories of self psychology, applying them to the existing body of knowledge in the mental health field. Kohut's theory of the self is both the culmination of his lifelong work and the fullest expression of his unique creativity, empathy, and courage.

Every scientific theory is the natural outgrowth and extension of its creator, and self psychology is no exception. Although Kohut emphasised that the personality of the author of a scientific work should not influence one's evaluation of the work itself, we think that some appreciation of Kohut's life and how he arrived at his theori theories will enhance the reader's understanding.

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